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Ve Wong Malaysian Style

Ve Wong Malaysian Style

ve wong noodle


I’ve never had Malaysian style noodles before but I was drawn to these because of the design on the package. I don’t know what it says but the splash of blue definitely caught my eye.


After I opened it I started having second thoughts because the packet with the oil kinda seemed like it had gone bad, if thats possible. After I read the ingredients, I decided it was just anise (I’m assuming) and once I added it to the boiling water, it dissolved.



The broth was brown and pretty basic, not spicy. The noodles were nothing special. With nothing else to compare these to, they are average. I would buy these over the basic kinds of instant noodles but if there was something better available, I would pass.


Sorry for the potato pictures, working by trial and error.


ve wong noodle 2 ve wong noodle 1


Nongshim Udon

Nongshim Udon



Holy wow! I do not know if it was because I had a hang over when I made these or what. These were some seafood flavored noodles! It was almost so much flavor and smell that it was too much… The noodles were good though.



Maruchan Chili

Maruchan Chili

maruchan chili


This is pretty much the most basic kind of instant noodle you could have. Noodles aren’t very good, and the flavoring is nothing to write home about. Unless you are going to add other things to this, there is no reason to bother. maruchan chili 1

maruchan chili 2

Lucky Me Chow Mein

Lucky Me Chow Mein

lucky me chow mein


Okay this is crazy but it really does taste like chow mein, but not that much like good chow mein. It is pretty basic and the sauce packet seems kind of slimey, but it cooks out okay.  I could see making this better by even just adding that basic can of chow mein vegetables that is pretty cheap.

lucky me chow mein 1

lucky me chow mein 2

Nongshim Real Kimchi

Nongshim Real Kimchi

nongshim real kimchi


This is definitely one of the better and easier instant noodles you can find. I like this one because it comes with a little packet with kimchi! I am a sucker for kimchi but the noodles and broth are also pretty good.

If I was feeling stuffed up and wanted something that I knew was going to be satisfying, I would grab a package of these noodles.

nongshim real kimchi 2

nongshim real kimchi 1